They have not been Photoshopped and they have not been fabricated, oh no… these are real images of real ‘stuff’. The Planet Diaries would not be complete without the strange and unusual in our world, in our past and in our different cultures, so here’s a neat little collection that will shock you, creep you out or make you laugh, though it’s possible that some make you react all three ways at the same time. Hey, strangest things have happened… take a look 😀

Once upon a time…

Toy robots invented the first information-display and augmented-reality glasses, but Google and Sony would make you believe otherwise…


We didn’t sleep with our cats, but with our bears, we didn’t walk our dogs but our snakes, and children preferred to ride a crocodile rather than a pony. For some reason that all changed after the planet invasion by the Body Snatchers…




You didn’t know, but ‘Rambo’ was loosely based on this very real 106-year-old Armenian grandma. If you ask me, I would have rather seen the grandma in action, but that’s Hollywood for ya…


The first punk dudes thought they sported very modern haircuts, but now we know they were, in fact, pretty old-fashioned.


This is the original ‘duck-face’, obviously.


In the past, ‘tree-huggers’ let trees hugged them, and not the other way around.


And, of course, children came out of men’s rears, but the snake of the woman above got out of its leash… and well, the rest is history.


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