‘I love old photos. I admit being a nosey photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. I like to imagine how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today… Four years ago, I decided to actually do this. The journey includes 32 countries and lots of memories.’_Irina Werning

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For restless time-travelers, here’s the link to Irina’s ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’ book (limited edition):
| Back To The Future >

By the way, I know what you did when you traveled back in time to the summer of 1940…
‘Buenos aires 1940. Fortuna Nazar Anchorena and Judas Escalante married three years ago. Fortuna has just inherited her uncles fortune, the richest man in Argentina, and Judas wants to kill her. They arrive home after a cocktail. Digna Sanchez, the housekeeper, awaits them. She wants to kill someone.’_Irina Werning

| Mysterious Murder in Buenos Aires >

In need of a muse? Check ‘CHINI’ out. Chiniiiii! 😀
‘Chini is my friend’s Chinese Crested dog. She came into my life in London, 2008 when my friends asked me to look after their house and three dogs for a month while on holidays. I had never lived with dogs, I hardly even noticed their presence until one day I took Chini into a friend’s studio. I took some pictures of her and the following day, CHINI PROJECT began. For a year, I photographed her inside the little sets I would build for her where she was free to act our little human ways. Her photographic journey takes us into the very heart of the human comedy.’_Irina Werning

| The CHINI Project >
| A Day in CHINI’s Life >

‘I don’t want to cut my hair’ – Cool, but just so you know, you could be Irina’s next ‘PELO LARGO’ victim…

| Pelo Largo >

About Irina Werning

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Economics and History, Irina Werning would, however, show an early artistic inclination that would eventually push her into the world of photography. With a MA in Photographic Journalism by the Westminster University in London, this original reporter, winner of the Ian Parry Scholarship and selected for the Joop Swart Masterclass (World Press Photo Organization), goes beyond aesthetics and into an amazing cinematic storytelling, which is most times hilarious, sometimes disturbing, and always captivating.

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