The series Mass Culture was shot in several Asian mega-cities. It questions the model of mass culture and its effect on the individuality of each of us. The series also questions what life form emerges from these cities designed to facilitate the flows at a mega-scale that does not really take into consideration the human scale. Mass Culture asks what movements emerge of a lifestyle that tends to promote greater standardization and globalization, as it depicts the individuals partially erased, fleeting, devoid of substance, quickly disappearing, whilst symbols of consumerism remain.

The following images have been kindly provided by the collection’s author, Laurent Baillet. I could not help but get inspired by both the art and the message they convey.

As I looked at all of them, I could easily visualize Baillet’s journey, as he captured and played with their essence, and then, suddenly, I realized the parallelisms between it and the journey that led to the making of UnBoxifyMe.

Then I remembered the concept of mass–energy equivalence. And it strikes me, once again, that energy can be focused, freely, anywhere we want to, and it naturally synchronizes.









‘Mass Culture’ Collection by Laurent Baillet

Laurent Baillet
was born in 1978. He began his career in the corporate world before devoting himself to photography in 2010. Baillet first alternated personal work with commercial studio photography. Since 2012, he focuses on his artistic approach, working on personal projects as well as photography for other artists.
Since January 2013, he works regularly for Liu Bolin, in Europe. As his photographer, he takes the photographs of his performances, to be exhibited in galleries worldwide.

In March 2014, he also worked for Li Wei at Grand Palais (Art Paris). Interested in painting and photography of the XXth and XXIst century, medium specific questions matter to him, but issues such as society and the place of the individuals within it, as well as the roles of religion and consumption are central in his work. Warhol’s work interests him, too. Laurent uses reality as the basis for his photography. Collectors located in Japan and Europe are regular buyers of his photographic works.


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