Everyone is creative in one way or another (or in multiple ways), and if you view the universe as a co-creative effort shared by all living creatures this statement will ring even more true to you.

Now, when it comes to what we find to be the most appealing form of creativity in others, there is some scientific and social research that says that we are usually turned on by that which is most similar to us, and some that says that the opposite is the case.

Are you ready to find out who gets your pulse racing the most? Maybe you will confirm what you always knew about being especially attracted to certain folk, or maybe, just maybe, you surprise yourself and uncover a secret yearning guiding your deepest desires…

If this Wild Quiz manages to stir your passion in any way, hey, feel free to use it as a creative flirting aid. You know what they say… ‘Sharing is Sexy’, although I personally prefer… ‘Let Love Rule’ 😉


What can you ‘forgive’ the most in others?


What could you not to live without?


What color of clothing do you find it to be the most pleasant when worn by your desired person?


What do you wish you had the most?


Out of these, what ancient/old civilization has always intrigued you the most?


Choose your favorite thought:


What makes your heart melt, without fail?


Your heart swells when…


What helps you relax the most?


What hurts you the most?




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