Find out what character in the series you truly are and have fun imagining yourself in Pawnee. Who knows, Lil’ Sebastian may have a supernatural message just for you… 😉

But first, here’s a little preview for each of the results available in the quiz (you will have to take the quiz to read them in full), which include some of the most memorable and hilarious quotes, from current and previous characters, as a treat. ‘Cos, you know, “Treat Yo Self” 😀

All the Results Available in the Quiz

Leslie Knope


You are extremely hard-working, responsible, optimistic, idealistic and ambitious.

You hate inequality and snobbery and hold yourself to high moral standards.
However, you tip-toe a fine line between being honestly concerned about people’s problems and receiving praise for your accomplishments as problem-solver. There’s a side to you […]

Ann Perkins


You are remarkably empathic, caring, compassionate, and are always honestly concerned about other people’s well-being.

As a friend, you’re very giving, protective and supportive all the way. However, you suffer from certain insecurity, as if all your good qualities weren’t enough to make you a valuable person. You don’t think […]

Ron Swanson


You are exceptionally self-confident, very comfortable in your own skin, and a weird mix of practical cynism and wild creative passion.

You like being in control of everything and everyone in your life and possess the skills and the intelligence to exert that control. You’re also […]

April Ludgate


You are acutely intelligent, realistic, pragmatic and sharp. Tough and tender, you tend to hide your vulnerability behind a wall of icy indifference and sarcasm, for you know very well how double-faced and fake many people can be and after a few major disappointments in your life you just don’t suffer fools gladly anymore.

You know […]

Andy Dwyer


You are a dreamer with an unquenchable curiosity for all that surrounds you. Cheerful, goofy and fun-loving, you can also be a bit lazy, especially if all life’s necessities are being provided to you freely.

Your positivity and happy disposition make you a joy to be around as well as your propensity for seeing only the very best in people. However […]

Tom Haverford


You are full of ideas and enjoy mingling with people, even if you don’t really care what they think. For you, people are mostly means to your goals or entertainment items. It’s probable you’ve struggled your whole life and so are very eager to acquire a more comfortable position, so much though […]

Ben Wyatt


You are serious, mature, focused and nerdy, but there’s also a side to you that is a dreamer, even if you try to keep it under lock. Shrewd and quick-witted, you dominate the one-to-one level conversations but may struggle with public speaking due to an underlying shyness which makes you very self-conscious.

You usually […]

Chris Traeger


You are enthusiastic, active, considerate, energetic and love to make those around you happy. You appreciate the gift of life like few do and are determined to make yours count.

You can become […]

(Garry) Jerry/Larry/Terry Gergich


You are a thoughtful, creative and tender person, who has a unique grasp on what truly matters in life. It’s for that reason that you may not be very career oriented and are neither interested in accumulating millions or harnessing power and influence.

You’re content with […]

Donna Meagle


You are one sassy sexy thing, who oozes aplomb and self-assurance. Modern, hip and fanciful, you can be a bit materialistic and superficial at times, but you kind of make up for it with a loving heart, which you don’t hesitate to share with your family and friends.

Liberal, sensual and […]


How would your friends describe you in one word?


What do you do when you don’t get your way?


What can be found in your house as soon as one comes in?


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