Freedom: ´The condition of not being a slave.´

We can be slaves in several ways, all which encompass physical, psychological and emotional restraints.

Music and the vibrations it holds, have a profound effect on our subconscious. They can enhance our attitude, our learning, our growth, our healing, bring us joy and, with it all, a fundamental release, even when we are not fully consciously aware of these immediate effects. Lyrics have a direct effect on our conscious brain, though. We are acutely aware of whether we can relate or not to the message that those words transmit.

Are you curious to know what type of freedom you yearn the most for, whether consciously or unconsciously?

The results of this quiz offer you not only that information, but also a careful selection of legendary singers who crafted certain songs as a way to claim their particular yearning for a specific type of freedom, within the notion and experience of freedom as a whole. With them, they also wanted to transmit to you that you are not alone in feeling constrained and yearning to liberate yourself, and in that, together, the possibility that we can achieve a more free and thus peaceful world.

May the insight you achieve in taking this quiz and/or from the result you get, along with the music that accompanies it, inspire you to sing for freedom, as a whole, out loud, for yourself and everyone in the world.

P.S.: The singers / songs in the results:

  1. Are from previous generations. This is my gift for the new generations, as music is a legacy you are more than entitled to. And it also reminds us that the yearning for Freedom has been constant and continuous, such as the restraints on it have been.
  2. Are all of English/American origin or in English speech. But make no mistake, this doesn´t point as Freedom being a right limited to certain cultures or nationalities. Freedom can´t be selectively applied to or restricted in any way, or it would not be true Freedom.


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